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    • Hey all,  I have a problem when playing Portal 2 online with my 11 year old nephew--namely that I'm hearing a echo of my own voice with about a 1 second or so delay. It drives me nuts and I don't know what would be causing it.Facts on the ground: my machine is a Windows 10 PC on a Z170-A motherboard with some flavor of Realtek built-in sound hardware. My headset is an older Sennheiser PC150 (I think) with separate analog mini-jacks for mic and headphones, plugged into the front headphone/mic ports of my FD Define R5 case. He's on a Macbook Air of some kind, with a Turtle Beach headset (I assume USB). We're just using the in-game Portal 2 voicechat, not the Steam one (when we switched to the latter for some reason he wasn't hearing me anymore and we gave up). Anything I should be checking for? He says that on his end he's got his headset on, so I don't think that's the issue. Is there a chance that somehow, since we usually start by chatting a bit in the Steam client, that Steam on my PC is still listening to my mic, then the game is doing so separately? He always ends the chat on his end beforehand, so I've assumed that that's enough. Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet.References:
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    • Hello, I am trying to create a binary for smart water ion [pro]. I have started with pH and temp. I was able to go through the calibration process using the IDE. I took note of my values for each (4,7,10 ph) calibration solution. I added the volts to the PCS template with socket A for ph and socket F for temp. IN the past, I have successfully created a binary for temp only and it has worked fine.  Unfortunately, when I run my new binary from PCS I do not get a good temperature reading or pH. Temp is -1 and pH is ~12. My sensors were submersed in a simple water sample and/or the 7 buffer solution. Besides the obvious question of am I doing something wrong?  The PCS template for pH does not have a clear notation for indicating which pH solution to enter into the form. See the link to a screen grab of the PCS interface. The wording appears better suited for the ION solution and the default values indicate as much.Have I entered these incorrectly? Is there something else that I should be doing? Reason why this binary program may not be working? Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet.References:
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    • Hi,
      I am busy with my second game, and for this game I was thinking about creating a in game tutorial on how to play. My previous game had a ~500 word description on how to play, so this is my fallback.
      Has anyone reading this created an "in game tutorial"? If yes, can you provide some insight on where to start, what to avoid, links to howto's, etc. Any help appreciated.
      I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. reference: https://forum.unity.com/threads/56461436
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    • We have all heard of the streaming site 'Soundcloud' and it has long be renowned as a place to find new music, as well as skyrocketing indie artist's popularity. 
      The site has recently received some bad press among rumours that the site is fast losing money but is this reflected in their users? I think the answer is a firm NO. 
      As an independent musician I often find myself trawling the tracks on soundcloud to find fresh music and personally I feel the site is proving to be worth its weight in gold to many artists. 
      Genre's like Dance, Electronic,ROCK/Indie/Alternative and especially hip-hop have been making the most of the sites free service's and I can tell you, if you want the drop on new music, Soundcloud is the place to be to impress your friends by being the first to know that 'new song' from your favourite artists. 
      I also feel that for the music community, especially aspiring artists that are on the come up, Soundcloud is very important. With companies like Spotify, Deezer, Apple music and Google play all competing to take the lions share of the music streaming market, new artist's increasingly find themselves stonewalled by these tech giants and UK music is suffering as a result. Major artists are the only thing they are interested in promoting (we all know why $£$£$£) and there are fewer and fewer avenues for new musicians to able to get their foot in the door. As a listener I want to be able to discover new music, fresh talent and unknown arists's on my own accord, not just listen to what the fat cats at Spotify HQ tell me is 'this months hottest track'. 
      With record sales dropping at an enormous rate, now more than ever as a community we need to take the music business back in our hands! Otherwise who knows, in a decade the only 'New music' available will be 'Pitbull's' latest attempt at a comeback.... and surely nobody wants that!?  Any help appreciated.
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