Wand installation script for ubuntu

Hi There,
I’m Arnon, a developer.
I made a script to install wand quickly on your server!
This script is in the official wand GitHub repository.

First step

Run the script:

bash <(https://raw.githubusercontent.com/solero/wand/master/install.sh)

Second Step

Answer question according to your server

  • Password for the database (password is randomized if left blank).
  • Server Hostname (Leave blank for localhost)(example for hostname clubpenguin.com.
  • External IP Address (Leave blank for localhost).

Third step

Run this command:

cd wand && sudo docker-compose up

Fourth Step (Most Important)

Have Fun!


  • Tghis script tested only on ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04
  • This script will probably work on all Debian based Linux distros (I don’t promise)
  • Something unexpected happend? Feel free to shoot a DM to me at discord: arnon001 (timezone Asia/Jerusalem)