How to make a moderator account for your CPPS?

Install your favorite database IDE for this tutorial I will explain on DataGrip, TablePlus

Now I will seperate this tutorial to 2 parts, one for DataGrip and one to TablePlus

DataGrip Tutorial

Open DataGrip
Make a new project by pressing the “New Project” button

Give it a name and press on “OK”

Then Press the “+” button on the Left

Go to “Data Sources” → “PostgreSQL” → “PostgreSQL” and click it

In “General”
Change this settings:
Host → your server hostname / Ip address
User change it to “postgres” (unless you changed it in the .env file)
it should look something like this:

Press on apply and OK (Install driver if needed)
Extend your postgres@, extend postgres. extend “Public” and then extend "tables.
It should look something like this:

Search for table called penguin and double click on it.
It should look like this:

In the line of the user you want to make mod, search for the column “moderator”

and set it to “true” (Press enter and then select true)

And press on the submit button

Now you made a user moderator!
You can safely close Datagrip now!

TablePlus Tutorial

Open TablePlus.
Press the + button
Then select “PostgreSQL” then you’ll get this menu:

Fill the name as you wish, and the “Host”, “Port” as this number: 5432, User, Password, and the database write postgres
so it should look like this:

and click connect
in tables, go to table penguin
it should look like this:

search for the column “moderator”
double click on it and change it from f to t
so it should look like this:

and press on Commit your changes button (or do CTRL+S)

Now you can safely close TablePlus.
Congrats! you made a user moderator.

added TP tutorial.


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