AS3 Transformations

Create a dependency and include it in dependencies.json:

var handleStartEngine = ENGINE.handleStartEngine;
ENGINE.handleStartEngine = function()
     var _loc2_ =;
     _loc2_.spritePath = "";
     _loc2_.attachItems = true;,_loc2_);

Replace with whatever path name you’d like and ID with the sprite’s ID for the transformation packet, including the avatar variable for the penguin in Houdini. I’d suggest having the IDs start from 12.

Then you’ll need to edit the paths.json in game_configs.bin. Include this:


Obviously, again replacing the sprite path name and SWF location. If it is in /play/v2/content/global/penguin, then you just need to change swf_location_of_transformation.swf to the name of the SWF.

Now when you set p.avatar in Houdini as the ID you specified, or pass it in the spts packet, the penguin will transform into the intended transformation.