How to set up and use FileZilla To change rooms (Houdini AS3)

This tutorial is outdated and created for an old version of Houdini
For users using Houdini installed via wand follow the notes in italicization

Hello, this is a pretty simple tutorial explaining how to change rooms in Houdini for AS3. This tutorial was made for an average person who doesn’t know a lot about code.

What you will need

  1. Filezilla

  2. Flash files you want to replace with

  3. A VPS With Houdini installed

1. Connecting to FileZilla

the first step is pretty simple all you need to do is download FileZilla from their official site. once the download is done go ahead and open the app. It should look something like this.
once that’s done find the server button in the top right corner and click on it. server
for the first option protocol select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol in host enter your server I.P. Which you can find on your server providers account and then put in the port you installed Houdini on (If you arent sure try 22, 80, or 6112) and in the port section. Now make sure your login type is set to Normal and enter root for the user and your password for the server. Once the form is filled out click on Connect.

*You may need to set login type to ask for password *

2. Changing Files


Now that your connected and see your files it’s time to swap out your files in the top directory bar enter


once you do this you will see all of the room files in the bottom box. Now find the file you want to replace from here once you have downloaded them you need to rename the files and insert them into your server you can see my list for the file names.
Room (854 Bytes)
Once you have renamed your files go ahead and drag them into FileZilla you should see a pop-up like this.
make sure Overwrite is selected and then push OK you should see a message at the top that reads "Status: Directory listing of “/var/www/html/media/play/v2/content/global/rooms” successful’
That’s it! you can log in now and see the changing room if you want to add a room you can follow this tutorial but that’s all for now

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A well thought out and easy to understand tutorial. Great job!