How to make Custom rooms and How to add room?

Hello welcome to my New tutorial! Its PegasusP :grinning:
I will teach you how to make AS3 rooms

First You need to decompile the Room with Flash Decompiler. So you can be able to edit room. After you decompile it. open room.fla with Adobe Flash

Than just start painting room. you can use triggers to make collectible items,adoption interface etc… You can just hide and with just click to first than you will see Layer … selected in TimelineHide Click this to hide an object.

If you want to add a custom room to Your CPPS

Go to /media/play/en/web_service/game_configs/rooms.json
or /media/play/en/web_service/game_configs.bin/rooms.json

than just go add your room with this format (with that way You can add Stage and recycle plant back :smiley:

“room_id”: {
“room_id”: 000,
“room_key”: “swf name”,
“name”: “Room name”,
“display_name”: “Room name”,
“music_id”: Music id (media/play/v2/content/global/music),
“is_member”: 1 = true , 0 = false,
“path”: “example.swf”,
“max_users”: 80 (example),
“jump_enabled”: false, (idk)
“jump_disabled”: true, (idk)
“required_item”: null, (write item id if player doesnt have this item cant access to enter this room)
“short_name”: “Example”

or for Example

“302”: {
“room_id”: 302,
“room_key”: “stage”,
“name”: “The Stage”,
“display_name”: “The Stage”,
“music_id”: 39,
“is_member”: 0,
“path”: “stage.swf”,
“max_users”: 80,
“jump_enabled”: false,
“jump_disabled”: true,
“required_item”: null,
“short_name”: “Stage”

Thanks for looking to my tutorial :smile:

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