This is some questions I have for creating my own CPPS

So I want to ask, how can I get my CPPS to login without using Ubuntu. The tutorial on the site just saying it uses Ubuntu but I don’t have ubuntu and my computer is out of space so can’t install a Virtual Machine.

Also, how can I connect my CPPS to a domain?

Another question, when flash dies would there any hope to get club penguin back?

No one replied to this i know it is super late.

But you don’t install Ubuntu using a “Virtual Machine”

You use a VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Links to a VPS:

Just to name a couple.
(That is how you can keep the server online and link it to a domain.)

Local host can be used by XAMPP

You can keep your server on using your computer.
I would not run it using this in less you wanna just practicing making a server.

If you ever do see this and have more questions please feel free to contact me back in this message board or over on discord.

-Grizzy (Grizzy#7372) :slight_smile: