Stage and Recycle Plant don't Works!


AS3 , I changed the Mine Shack and Plaza to the older ones , now when I try to enter Stage or Recycle Plant, the penguin just stop at the door.


Hi, and welcome to Solero Forums.

The rooms aren’t cross-compatible with AS2 and AS3. However it’s possible the room you’re looking for are available as AS3 variants.

Try some of the rooms from the archives from after 2011.

Hope this helps.


The rooms actually are. I use AS3 rooms on AS2 and vice versa. For the most part, they work fine.

Make sure the rooms you want are defined in rooms.json in the mediaserver and Houdini. Then, clear cache and restart Houdini. It should work then. If not, make sure the code in the room swf that has the door you’re trying to enter has the correct room join code.