Searching team to make a Virtual World!

Hi. My name is Sirius, I’m searching people to make a new Virtual World.

This Virtual World it’s thinked to be created like Club Penguin and Box Critters were created.

I have ideas about what we can do to make the game, because I did some Club Penguin Private Servers and I know more or less how it about.

A virtual world is composed with HTML5, CSS, JS, JSON (and maybe python I guess).

The virtual world It’s going to have an inventory, clothes, objects, quests, puzzles, events, etc. It would be 100% original and 2D.

You can see how you can do a CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server) with xampp, and the things I said about the languages, and etc. But my idea is to do it obviously without adobe flash. (

I don’t know how to put all together (I mean, how to create a data base and conect it to the game, and make an inventory, or a register page), and I don’t have a lot of experience creating nothing like that public. That’s why I am searching a team.

Thanks you for reading!

This is not the place to look.

The Solero forums are not popular with people who know anything other than flash mainly.

Also, if you really have no idea about how what you’re trying to make works, should you really be making it?

You have also given us nothing about your current ideas and designs.

If you really are interested in gathering developers, designers and administrators to make you a MMO like Club Penguin and Box Critters, you’re going to have to cough up quite a bit of cash. Programming and art, especially for a game, an online one at that, takes a very long time, and a lot of dedication, and I can guarantee you will not find a team who will give the time and dedication unless you are willing to pay them quite a lot.

My advice would be, learn at least a bit about HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, Python and whatever else you think you need to host this world, then make some initial designs and ideas, make a budget (and earn some money if you don’t have plenty to spare), and then come back, with designs, ideas, an initial prototype and rough options of payment for the people you are trying to hire, and then you are much more likely to find the people you are looking for.

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my friend dinojansi (J’#0001) is a pro develoepr and would like to help