Puffle Digging In AS2


Just wanted to see if “Puffle Digging” could come to AS2 ever.

Thanks Grizzy#7372

I think it would be very hard to add the handlers and stuff into AS2.

Its possible but why would you wanna do that? You’re better off just using as3 as your just gonna have to rewrite the puffle system in order to implement digging in as2. That’s too much of a hassle honestly.

Just was wondering i have a AS3 server but i wanted to import it into my AS2 Server i have.

Yeah that seems like a pain in the ass xD.

You could just have the AS3 game but make the interface skin look like AS2 and reverse engineer the system so that AS2 rooms work and there you go. It would look like AS2 with AS3 features!