Play with friends

Is it possible to use Hamachi to play with friends?

WHY ARE YOU USING HAMACHI! Stop using Hamachi or portforward

but to actually answer your question, yes it is technically possible

What would I need to edit to make it work?

I would recommend port-forwarding - Go to your router’s configuration and forward ports 80, 6112 and 9875, then (if using AS3) use cloudflare to point a domain towards your IP address or (if using AS2) ask your friends to connect using your IP and the ports listed previously.

Is it possible I can use hamachi or is it bad with hamachi (I mainly want to use hamachi because I don’t have the money for a VPS)

You don’t need a VPS when portforwarding. I would not recommend using Hamachi

Do I need to edit any of the files when port forwarding?

You don’t need to edit any files to port-forward, you just need to change the config through your router.

Just get a VPS… it’s not worth the stress and time to set up and manage services like these.