Need help starting my own cpps (need coders)


Hey guys, I am thinking about starting my own CPPS but I am not good at coding. If any of you know how to make one and show me how to set it up let me know. I’m going to pay for the domain website, and everything to make this site good.


Hey Danny,

You can find out more about how to make your own CPPS @

It explains in detail how different components of a common private server work, so you can get better understanding. I’d reccomend giving it a shot yourself. And by all means ask around to see if anybody wants to give you some help.


I have a windows, i can only see the ubuntu tutorial.


Yes, we are working on a windows tutorial currently.

You can install a virtual machine or purchase an ubuntu VPS @


and which one do i buy?


Any one of the Cloud VPS servers will do just fine -


Ok cool and if I buy this vps i wont have to buy another one so people can play on my site right?


Correct. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask on the Discord.


Hi! I can help you setup a CPPS on Windows!
Add me on Discord: Diablo#9615