My CMD does not support these commands

I followed the whole Desbarmitar help process

Tutorial for Houdini-Asyncio and Dash

and a part came that he said that

Run the command in this folder (CMD.exe):
pip install -r requirements.txt

Extract the folder from ‘dash-…’ to C:\CPPS and rename to ‘dash’
Open the folder
Run the command in this directory (CMD.exe):
pip install -r requirements.txt

Open the folder ‘houdini’
Run the command in this directory (CMD.exe):
psql -h localhost -d postgres -U postgres -f houdini.sql

(password: password)

My CMD does not run these types of commands!
(pip install -r requirements.txt)
(psql -h localhost -d postgres -U postgres -f houdini.sql)
(python login
python world)
(python -c

You have to install Python and PostgreSQL.
If they are installed and configured as I indicated it must work. Other people have used the tutorial and it is working.
Check if the programs are added to the system variables (Path) as I indicate in the tutorial, it is necessary that they are there.

It still didn’t work out, I tried to run on Python: pip install -r requirements.txt
File “”, line 1
pip install -r requirements.txt
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I’ll see in PostgreSQL
if it’s all right.

PostgreSQL,Well does he also ask to put a port?

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