I'm having a problem with the blue screen

Hello people i have a problem with the blue screen when i click the play button and nothing goes blue screen i really will be very thankful if you help

I assume you are using Ubuntu 18.04.
Run the command sudo nano /var/www/html/play/index.html
Edit the text on line 133, and change it from window.media = “http://media.goldnetwork.tk/”; to window.media = “https://media.goldnetwork.tk/”;

You then need to run the command sudo nano /var/www/html/media/play/web_service/environment_data.xml
Then press *CTRL * on your keyboard, enter http:// in the find field, press enter and type https:// in the replace field.

Clear your Cloudflare cache and browser cache, it should be fixed.
DM me on Discord - Alto#5796 if you’re having any trouble.

Thank you for your help everything is already working