I need to convert nginx rules to .htaccess

I’m creating an extremely easy tutorial, I’m not really connected to the CPPS community, I came from another flash browser game too (I don’t know if I can talk about it here)

I got the files from a tutorial from 5 months ago, done in WinNMP, but I couldn’t get it to work in Hamachi (I usually teach in hamachi so that anyone can play with their friends)

In short, what I want is: Or a way to make it run via WinNMP in Hamachi (or recommendation of a similar application, as I think WinNMP doesn’t support anything external)

Or what I asked for in the topic name, a .htaccess for me to teach in the tutorial using Xampp


Thanks to anyone who can answer, I’ll leave credits in the video and description with your help, maybe with the video, many people from my country find out about CPPS issues as it’s not very famous around here

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Hi, join Discord Solero Server to see your answer

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And Dont Use Hamachi, Its Not Safe [Only In CPPS]

Do you recommend something similar to what Hamachi brings? of being able to connect with each other and play (what I need is something free without requiring payments)

I focus on content made easy for any type of person and age, some children requested a club penguin made easy tutorial to play with friends, that’s what I’m looking for, and those who understand the subject will just get the facilitated files that I organized and use on your own server

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I recommend you use NGROK but it’s quite difficult to configure in this case, although I’ve never used NGROK


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You can still use Hamachi, but remember that hacking a server is very easy


You Can Try To Teach People Using Infinity Free [Free Website Creator] And For Vps Use ORACLE Cloud [Everything Is Free] [VPS Free]

You Can Try Using Azure Or AWS, But Idk If They Are For Gaming

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I’ll see about NGROK, but I think it would take away the ease that I always want to bring, it’s content for people without much knowledge and who most just want to play with friends from school or friends they met online, something close to 2 or 3 people accessing it only, whoever intends to create for the public will probably not create by hamachi

but thank you so much for telling me about, didn’t know, maybe i will bring future tutorials with this app and try to make it easier too, thanks for your attention and answers, i’m really grateful

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Thanks,I’m Interested In Your Project, If You Can, You Can Send Me Your Videos Links [Channel], Well If You Have

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My youtube channel is called “joaowars776”, the two recent tutorials follow this facilitation line I wanted to create, however I came up with an even easier line recently compared to what you’ll see, Club Penguin tutorial video will be the most tutorial easy from my channel, and something close to 4 to 6 minutes maximum

Are You From Brasil? If Yes, Me Too!

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hahahaha yeaaaaaahhh, eae meu consagrado

mds, E Muito Raro Vendo Brasileiros Vir Nesses Sites, Seja Bem Vindo!

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pera HABBO Pirata? Nossa Vei Tu E Muito Genio

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Percebi que é raro mesmo, a comunidade CPPS é infinitamente maior no exterior, algo equiparável à Habbo no Brasil, talvez com minha facilitação, muita gente do meio entre neste mundo de CPPS, apenas desejo solucionar logo essa questão de .htaccess ou um webserver que funcione externamente de forma simples

Siim, habbo pirata, sou bastante envolvido com várias pessoas do meio e etc

A Sua Questao Eu Tambem Nao Sei Como Converter Deveria Perguntar Pro ADM Allinol Ele Meio Que Sabe De Tudo

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Pegue Estas Perguntas, Elas Poderao Fazer Uma Mudança Bem Legal No Seu Canal

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Meu discord é joaowars776#2999, mas eu particularmente não quero incomodar ninguém especificamente pedindo ajuda, solicitei ajuda aqui para caso alguém tivesse disposto a ajudar, pudesse fazer para mim, porque é fim de ano, ninguém irá querer fazer .htaccess pra joaowars776 kkkkkkk, irei solicitar a ajuda deste ADM Allinol que você falou dia 03/01, apesar de que até lá, talvez um amigo meu me ajude, ele disse que iria me ajudar apesar da demora, então vamos ver o que vai vir, pretendo trazer o tutorial definitivo de club penguin, algo extremamente fácil e completo, eu já o concluí, funciona completamente em localhost, dojo funciona, puffs e tudo mais, só preciso aprender como por para Hamachi para facilitar para as pessoas que querem fazer para jogar com amigos