I Need help people to help develop my CPPS

Hello Everyone! I am currently in need of people to help develop my CPPS; Club Penguin The Return, Currenty I only have a slow HP Laptop so I am not really Capable of making it myself. If you could help me with this and make it possible, I would be very greatful!

Thanks you for your time…

my discord is cpthereturn#9913

Hello. If you are here to request users to develop your CPPS. Please change your tag to (Requests)

But i could help set the basic stuff up i am a very busy person.

But mostly i suggest you look at this Guide.

~ Grizzy

I’ve changed your post to fall under the request category as it is not a support related issue.

You’re better off making a CPPS yourself. If you were able to use your laptop to submit a post here then there should be no problem with setting up a localhost or hosted CPPS from your slow HP laptop.

Feel free to check out the tutorials as Grizzy said. If you require any support feel free to ask in our Discord server where you’re most likely to get a fast response.

Let me note: there isn’t a high availablity of CPPS developers nowadays, unless you’re perhaps a close friend of one or they’re really intrigued by the idea.