How to make AS3 Parties with Its Party Features

Party Features is coming from CPPS Source (Server) There should be that function to make these things that i will show you in this tutorial
There isn’t Party Features in Open AS3 CPPS Sources So you should have implement it. with doing having party packets.If your Party Icon as known as Party Interface in Club Penguin Community. If Party icon disappears when you switch to other room and All Party Dialogues Appearing everytime when you login, when you complete quest. it means you haven’t implemented it.

in Houdini or Timeline Sources. There isnt Party Features.

Lets Move to Tutorial First for making a party. i will give example with

Music Jam 2016 Party

You need edit paths.json, general.json and change interface in media/play/v2/client
You can get party files from Club Penguin Archives or other websites

You gotta have features.swf,prompts.swf,quest_interface.swf,party.swf for making AS3 Parties and have its Party Rooms too

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