How to install Houdini-Asyncio?

I feel dumb but how do I install Houdin-Asyncio I’ve looked everywhere but I’m not sure how with postgresql does anyone else know?

you should probably just wait until wand is complete since that’ll make it easy to install it, there isn’t any documentation on how to install yet

As daniel said you can wait until wand is complete which would set it all up for you or you could attempt to follow my original guide for Houdini however there will be a few replacements:

  • instead of original Houdini, you would be using Houdini-asyncio

  • instead of installing python2.7 you would require to install python3.8

  • instead of MariaDB you would be using PostgreSQL which is not that different or harder to setup on a linux VPS.

  • instead of the media-server provided in the guide, you would use this media-server for AS2 or this media-server for AS3.

  • for registration, you can setup Dash.

  • for configuration, you provide it within command line arguments when you run Houdini. For example you may run Houdini like this for the login servers:

python login -du postgresql_username -dp postgresql_password -dn Houdini

and the world servers like this:

python world -du postgresql_username -dp postgresql_password -dn Houdini

Obivously replacing the postgresql details with your details.

More documentation is to come on this & soon wand should be able to set this all up for you.

Any further issues please feel free to ask in our Discord as you may get a quicker reply there!


Setting up an AS2 & AS3 Club Penguin Private Server on Ubuntu 18.04 - is probably what you want to use.


If you are on Windows: :point_right: Tutorial for Houdini-Asyncio and Dash :point_left:
But i recommend use Wand setup and Ubunto SO