How to host the Vanilla files as a localhost?

There’s a tutorial on youtube but it goes pretty fast and the some of the steps aren’t very clear. I specifically want to get the EOL Club Penguin files up and running so I can have puffles digging and finding items. If there’s no way to get the Vanilla files working, is there somewhere else I can get the EOL Club Penguin? All I’ve got is 2012 era files otherwise.

Please elaborate on what exactly you want to do. Kind of unsure of what you are asking…

Sorry, I’ve done a bit more research into what exactly everything is called/does. I’m looking to create an AS3 localhost. I have an AS2, but obviously that doesn’t have all of the features I’m looking for, specifically puffle dig. I see the Solero Vanilla files on github are AS3 and have the features I want, however, I can’t get them to work locally.