How to disable penguin activation in timeline's external register

Hello. This is my first in detail post.
Ro let me use some of his layout that is why it may look the same.

Recently from what i seen a lot of people using timeline have a activation message pop up when logging in saying they only have 7 days left before there account get’s deleted.

This is a very easy problem to fix and makes it so you won’t have to activate accounts anymore and should have it being carefree after this guide.


  • A working server made in AS3 Timeline .

  • A working external Register

  • ( OPTIONAL) A source-code editor like Visual Studio Code to edit the configuration files for nginx, if not then you should use nano, an editor in SSH that is arguably difficult to use, but fine if you know what you’re doing.

There is other ways of getting activation fixed in Timeline . There will be a SMTP guide up sometime soon. (This is the so called easy way of fixing the activation system in Timeline.)

Alright, let’s begin.
1. Locating your index.php file


2. Remove these from the index.php

$authKey = md5(rand());
$user_id = $pdo->lastInsertId();
$updateStmt = $pdo->prepare(“UPDATE penguins SET hash = ?, Nickname = ? WHERE ID = ?”);
$updateStmt->execute(array($authKey.‘;’.$n, ‘P’.sprintf(‘%04d’, $user_id), $user_id));
Also locate
sendActivationMail($authKey, $n, $u, $e);
When done just save changes and your done.

3. Clearing cloudflare
Login or go to your Cloudflare and locate the “Caching” tab and click “Purge Everything”.

Hopefully this should work for you, any issues, feel free to let me know or join Solero’s discord to find some support.

NOTE: This does not work with accounts already made or in the database already this only works for new accounts registered.
(To make it so registered accounts have the same affect login to your database and go to the “Membership” tab and set there membership to a new amount.)

If you think i made a mistake please let me know below.
~ Grizzy