How to change pop-ups and edit web paths in AS3

First about pop-ups. it appears when you disconnect it should say “Thanks for Playing Club Penguin. Waddle on!” If you want change this text with “Thanks for Playing your cpps. Waddle on!” Just search for text you want!

you should edit /media/play/en/web_service/game_configs/game_strings.json/
or for too much people edit


Now About edit Web paths. Web Path is when pop-up appears there should be a button like “Thanks for Playing Club Penguin. Waddle on!” there should be “Learn more” button. when you click it you will be redirected to you can edit it in paths.json. Just use Find tool and search for or connection_web

NOTE : You can edit Party dialogues in paths.json too

/media/play/en/web_service/game_configs/paths.json/ or

Thanks for looking at my tutorial. :slightly_smiling_face: