How to add new languages to AS3? (ADVANCED TUTORIAL)

Hello guys its PegasusP welcome to my new tutorial! :slightly_smiling_face:

Today i will teach you how to add new languages to AS3 CPPS

For example if you want add Espanol ;

go to /es/index.html/ search for http://media.localhost/ or than

if you making localhosted as3 cpps make *http://media.localhost/ to localhost/media/

if you making it in domain http://testdomain/media/

if you making it with domain and with subdomain

if you have ssl

If you wanna learn where is location of game configs

Its /media/play/es/web_service/game_configs.bin
or /media/play/es/web_service/game_configs (folder)/

you can add new espanol servers with


just look for this if(current_language == shell.ES_ABBR)
you will text like this below
servers[server_id] = {ip:โ€œip_addressโ€,is_safe:false,port:number};
server_id : can be found in local_crumbs (media/play/v2/content/local/en-es/web_service)
ip_address : your ip or domain. (for localhost its localhost)
port number : your server port that you will add to Houdini

Thanks for looking to my tutorial :grinning: