How do i add a custom color? (AS2, HOUDINI)

After learning how to work with catologues, change stage scripts, custom rooms, triggers and everything else. A custom color is just the last thing i need, thanks for all the support with previous threads ! <3

Adding custom colours is like adding custom items or rooms.

Heres a quick tutorial:

  1. Make your custom colour:

You can do this by decompiling an existing colours icons, paper and sprite. in /media/play/v2/content/global/clothing/icons and /media/play/v2/content/global/clothing/paper and /media/play/v2/content/global/clothing/sprite. Just find the ID of the colour, go to the correct folders, download them and decompile them, change the colour using tools in Adobe Flash CS6 where you can enter your desired hexcode.

Once you got your final icon, paper and sprite for the custom colour, upload it to your media-server in /media/play/v2/content/global/clothing/icons and /media/play/v2/content/global/clothing/paper and /media/play/v2/content/global/clothing/sprite. Make sure it’s named after a unique ID e.g. 16.swf for the icons, sprite and paper files.

  1. Decompile global_crumbs and local_crumbs, read the actionscript code and see how the colours for the ID 1, 2 3 etc are added, they have their ID and it’s name for local_crumbs, for global_crumbs it has it’s ID and it’s type (colour), you just need to add an entry for your custom colour and it’s ID. The ID will be the name of the SWF file e.g. 16.swf.

  2. Add an entry for the ‘item’ or custom colour in paper_items.json, although it’s difficult to read, you should see how the colours for dark blue, red, orange are implemented etc. You just need to do the same for your custom colour, with it’s unique ID e.g. 16 and colour name.