Houdini - Rank Plugin

Made this plugin for someone, thought it would be helpful for anyone that needs it. You may want to use it to increase the amount of stripes on your membership badge or to set custom badges based on the membership days that is sent back to the client.

What it does?

  • Changes the amount of stripes a player has on their membership badge

Brief setup instructions:

  1. Add the plugin to the plugin folder

  2. Add a row in the penguin_attribute table every time you want to give a player a custom rank with:

    • the name as ‘rank’
    • penguin_id as the players id you want to give a custom rank to
    • value as a number between 1 and 4 (how many stripes you want on the membership badge)
  3. Reload Houdini

Proof of this working in-game (player has a rank value of 3)


rank.py (738 Bytes)