Generating igloo music menus dynamically

Let’s face it, this sucks:

So I made it better. This is a small change you can make but it’s pretty cool. Dyanmic igloo music menu generation.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<song name="Brown Puffle Lab" id="305"/>
	<song name="Beware the Dragon" id="286"/>
	<song name="Planet Y" id="38"/>
	<song name="Pre-historic Rock" id="35"/>
	<song name="The Royal Court" id="233"/>
	<song name="Puffle Party" id="259"/>
	<song name="In the Tower" id="235"/>
	<song name="Norman Swarm" id="42"/>
	<song name="To Battle!" id="236"/>
	<song name="Flippr Jig" id="263"/>
	<song name="Icy Serenade" id="256"/>
	<song name="The Way of Sensei" id="24"/>
	<song name="Puffle Rescue: In the Cave" id="120"/>
	<song name="For Great Justice" id="32"/>

	<!--- Songs after the 14th will be paginated! --->
	<song name="Coffee Shop" id="1"/>
	<song name="Night Club" id="2"/>

A simple XML file can be edited to change the songs in the list.



  • Support XML configuration for ALL languages that your client supports (by default spanish, english, french and portuguese)
  • Paginator displays once list gets full, allowing potentially unlimited music!
  • Reload on-the-fly, no need to relogin to change the song list.
  • Simulates original music list perfectly, no overly-redesigned features.
  • Open-sourced.
  • Long song names will be adjusted to fit the text box.

FLA is attached. Or to get started straight away download the and drop the contents into /play/v2/content/global/content/ of your AS2 media server.

XML configs can now be found in -

  • English - /play/v2/content/global/content/igloo/en/igloo_music.xml
  • Spanish - /play/v2/content/global/content/igloo/es/igloo_music.xml
  • French - /play/v2/content/global/content/igloo/fr/igloo_music.xml
  • Portuguese - /play/v2/content/global/content/igloo/pt/igloo_music.xml

igloo_music.fla (29.8 KB) (157.3 KB)