CPPS problem (Server work , Login no)


Server work but login no :frowning:
I have try : Clear my cache,purge cache on cloudflare
I have configured crumbs
Pls help me !


Can someone can respond me ???


Please could you confirm that your server ports are open?

Use this online tool to check - https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/


Ports are open, i already check on that website


Have you edited global_crumbs.swf to match your server IP & ports?


Where is global_crumbs.swf on VPS (just for verify if i made)


If you followed the https://solero.github.io tutorial, the path should be



What is the port to write on crumbs ?


The port is whatever Houdini is configured for, by default the ports are as follows:

  • Login - 6112
  • En world - 9875
  • Redemption - 9875

Wait because i dont understand a thing can i contact you on Discord ? (because there is my vps ip)


You can join our discord server for more help.