CPPS problem (Server work , Login no)

Server work but login no :frowning:
I have try : Clear my cache,purge cache on cloudflare
I have configured crumbs
Pls help me !

Can someone can respond me ???

Please could you confirm that your server ports are open?

Use this online tool to check - https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/

Ports are open, i already check on that website

Have you edited global_crumbs.swf to match your server IP & ports?

Where is global_crumbs.swf on VPS (just for verify if i made)

If you followed the https://solero.github.io tutorial, the path should be


What is the port to write on crumbs ?

The port is whatever Houdini is configured for, by default the ports are as follows:

  • Login - 6112
  • En world - 9875
  • Redemption - 9875

Wait because i dont understand a thing can i contact you on Discord ? (because there is my vps ip)

You can join our discord server for more help.

Did you find a solution? I have the exact same problem

me too!! omg someone help us

Check if you have configured the cpps with the correct IP address and also if ports 6112 and 9875 are opened. I had just not configured it correctly. Hope it works

can you send your discord? my ports are working i checked from the website he linked.
my dc is: kilookuoma#6497