CPBlog - A WordPress Blog theme for CP/CPPS

CPBlog is a simple lightweight WordPress theme which will help you get a free working Club Penguin blog up and running.


Version: 1.0

Download Link: cpblog-quacksbackup.zip (884.9 KB)

This is a little project of mine which I released a while ago but the download is dead.
This was tested and built last year, I do not know if this works on the latest version of WordPress or if it’s even properly supported by the latest version of WordPress.


WordPress (download here)

How to install:

  • Install WordPress

  • Go to admin Dashboard

  • On the left hand side hover over “Appearance” and click on “Themes”

  • Click on “Add New”

  • Click on “Upload Theme”

  • Download the latest version of CPBlog below, and install it as it.

  • Activate and Done!

There is no support for this, if you have any problems - fix them yourself, I am not interested in this project anymore.