Club Penguin Archives Backup

As some of you have seen, Legit posted a dump of the Club Penguin Archives’ files. The archives have been continuously going offline recently, so I’ve hosted a live version . This should make original Club Penguin SWF files easier to access (especially for those who have a slow internet connection.


Thanks for making another mirror of this. I am thinking of an official Solero mirror at some point?

What do you think?

The css and images seem to be missing from yours.

The community is grateful :heart:

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Do note that the backup is from around 2015, but it should still have most things.

It appears that they are either missing from the download, or that they are broken in the HTML files.
I’ll have a look into it and get back to you.

You can use this link: :point_right: CP Archive :point_left:
They have the swf’s divided by parties

Go for it! That’d be great