Broken Shapes [JPEX Free Flash Decompiler]

Hi :)!
I’m a CPPS designer and I have a huge problem with JPEX FFD. When I decompile an item some parts of the item’re broken. Idk if it’s a problem with the software or if this is common, but I just want to do a recolor of an item and all the item is basically broken.
Here you have some images:

This is because you are using JPEX. It always has errors when you decompile sprites with it. Also, how can you be an SWF designer if you can’t edit sprites?

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Hi :)! Thanks, I’ll try other decompilers.
Actually I do rooms more than items, with rooms is very easy to fix when this hapens.
But yeah, I don’t consider myself a SWF designer I just like to edit CP Rooms lmao.

This question seems to keep coming up, or other related questions do.

“How can I change the color(s) of an item?”
“How can I decompile an item without breaking it”
“Can I change colors without decompiling”

There’s no need to decompile an SWF just to change some of the colors, especially not items. A lot of this can be done using JPEXs “export/import XML” feature which doesn’t require full decompilation, therefore resulting in a perfect edit.

I have made a program that does this for you, no need to do any research, programming or editing of XMLs.

Just download the program and run it, I even turned it into an EXE for windows users.

Find my original post about this here.

Hi :)!
Yes, I know. I actually used your program for doing that especific job. Thank you soo much for creating it :slight_smile: