BingoJS - An AS2 emulator in development

BingoJS is an AS2 emulator written in NodeJS with the aim of being the fastest, stable and the most secure emulator out there in the CPPS community. The source code is open-source, as development goes on, the source will be made more stable, secure and absolutely exploit free. As of now, the development is going pretty well and most of the handlers are complete.

The source itself works in an unique way and has its own unique way of handling things in a more secure and stable manner. Database queries are handled securely which nearly makes MySQL injection impossible, the database queries have been optimized which means the queries are really-really fast at updating a specific data, in other words it won’t lag the game even a one bit. The main purpose of this source is to help other users in the community to build their own emulators, contributions are accepted, most of the bugs have been fixed as well. The source itself is written in a simple manner to help users gain more knowledge about what’s actually happening during client-side and server-side communication, which would definitely help newbies understand more about the client itself.

This source is under development and is using MD5 for testing purposes until the source is complete, use it at your own risk

If interested, make sure to give the Discord a try: