How to add new colors into catologue

Now i dont know if someone can really just answer this but ive done everything just never edited any catologues? i just have to add a button in and do all of that stuff for my new maroon color but i really dont know where to start when doing this… decompile it yeah but like overall i dont really know where to start


I think what you are trying to do is add a new color box into the catalog.

For now i will cover AS2

Setting up custom colors in AS2

  1. Downloading a catalog from the Archives

  2. Adding in a new box into the “Pick a color tab.” And adding in the maroon color into the box like other boxes.

  3. Adding in a trigger to make it clickable and obtainable.

(PS. I don’t really know much about designs as i am more of a developer when it comes down to it, So if you need anymore help let me know i just wanted to give you a basic where to start guide in a way hopefully it helped.)

~ Grizzy

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Hey, i know what the process is (what you just stated) but i need an actual in depth detail because between all of the buttons and pages its very confusing and it is something else ill tell you that lmao, thanks