AS2 Server error "Access Denied"

Hello, when I want to play my CPPS (AS2) and I enter to play.localhost, I get the “Access denied” error. I think it may be because on my PC (Windows 10) I have my account and my mother’s account, my PC administrator is my mother and maybe the localhost thinks that she is the administrator. I don’t know if that’s the reason, That’s why I came here for someone to help me solve the problem please. Thanks

Could you provide a screenshot?

You get the same type of error on nginx (instead it says 403 forbidden) when the link you are trying to access has no files in the directory the link points to.

It would also be helpful if you could show your web-server configuration.

Well, the truth is I don’t know much about Houdini, it’s the first time I use it so I don’t know how to access the configuration, I don’t know if it refers to Xampp or phpMyAdmin, but here is a screenshot of the error (it is in Spanish because I live in Peru, that’s why I also speak bad English)

Ah well in this case it’s your apache configuration which is located in xampp’s folders. It should be somewhere in here C:/xampp/apache/conf/.

But which file? or else I send you the entire compressed folder.

I haven’t used apache in a while, but it should be the vhosts file IIRC. If you are unsure of what file to send, could you take a screenshot of the folder?

Sending the entire folder would not be helpful and would probably be a waste of time.