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Introductory Post - AmusingThrone

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Hey everyone. I wasn't around when the original Solero was up, but I heard lots about it. Hopefully I can make some great memories here.

I have been with the CPPS-community for only a short while, but I have had the pleasure to be associated with a couple of CPPS (CPWorld and PW).

I create cool scripts and tools for free, and often post them on my GitHub. I am mostly here to get some more programming experience and have a great time. The languages I know are:

  • PHP
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • And a little Perl


If you guys ever need me for anything, feel free to drop a PM.




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Just now, AmusingThrone said:

I thought this was Solero...

8:30PM, hardly any sleep. It happens.

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