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For those who rely on Club Penguin Archives for their CPPS content, many of you know that CP Archives usually goes down every few weeks for what may be weeks at a time. So, I took it upon myself to take a full dump of the Club Penguin Archives website and put up a mirror website for the community to use when the website is down. The mirror website is also significantly faster than the original website, if you prefer to use the mirror site over the original.

All hyperlinks for SWF files and wiki articles are working on my mirror website so it will not redirect you to CP Archives when the site is down.


You can access the Club Penguin Archives mirror here: 


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On 9/9/2017 at 0:05 PM, Codey said:

Thanks for this, the downtime on the CP archives was really frequent.

Yeah, no problem. The downtime got to be pretty bad so I figured I'd just put up this mirror site for the community who rely on archives.

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