How to add Custom item (AS3) (ADVANCED TUTORIAL)


First you need design an item in Adobe flash you need desing icon,paper,sprite

location /media/play/v2/content/global/clothing
NOTE : photo is for background if you want make background you need edit a photo.swf

than to add item to game
/media/play/en/web_service/game_configs/paper_items.json add your item in this format

“paper_item_id”: 000, (your item ids where do you put icon,paper,sprite)
“type”: 2, (item type) 2 = hat
“cost”: 0, (is it for money or free?)
“is_member”: false, ( for members or everyone?)
“label”: “Pegasus Beta Hat”, (item name)
“prompt”: “Pegasus Beta Hat”, (item interface name)
“layer”: 6000, (for hats its 6000)
“is_bait”: “1” to patch items easily

for example

“paper_item_id”: 34812,
“type”: 2,
“cost”: 0,
“is_member”: false,
“label”: “Pegasus Beta Hat”,
“prompt”: “Pegasus Beta Hat”,
“layer”: 6000,
“is_bait”: “1”

Extra things :
“is_bait”: “1” to patch items easily

"is_back": "1", to make item wings or cape

"has_back": "1", if item have back

"noPurchasePopup": "1" if buying interface appears (just remember Marvel Party Takeover, Power glowes :blush:)

"is_gift": "1" Just a gift from mascots or important peoples!

"is_medal": "1" if its medal (example PSA Mission Medals!)

"make_secret_agent": "1" if it makes you a secret agent :dark_sunglasses: Example : Spy Phone)

NOTE : Dont forget to update paper_items.json for Your Source’s crumbs

Example : Houdini-as3/crumbs/paper_item.json

Thanks for looking to my tutorial :slight_smile: