Houndini AS3 Login help

Does anyone know any solution that will not say having trouble connecting? I have set up my login and my configs so it is like this.

Any solutions?

By the looks of it, the emulator and client aren’t communicating at all.

Perhaps a port is blocked? You can use this web application to check if your login or game port is open or closed, just enter your VPS IP and 6112/9875 in the port field.


A port would be blocked if you have iptable/ufw rules to prevent all connections with the exceptions of the ones you specify.

If you do sudo ufw status in your servers SSH console (putty or terminal) and find that you have an active firewall, without port 6112 or 9875 enabled, just do:

sudo ufw allow 6112
sudo ufw allow 9875

IIRC, google cloud setup their own firewall prior to server initialization and can be accessed from their panels.


After noticing the screenshots look like a windows setup, check any firewall that you have on that machine. If this is port-forwarded or ran on an IP that is not, you should configure global_crumbs.swf and put the right IP there, as well as in config.py in Houdini