Developers Needed | WaddleLounge [Upcoming CPPS]


I currently run an upcoming CPPS named “Waddle Lounge” and we are looking for skilled and passionate developers that have experience in developing a CPPS.


Project Details:
This is an AS2/AS3 game, with subdomains for both legacy and vanilla clients.
Project is run by wand/Houdini.

Our goal is to have an enhanced vanilla experience, that emulates the original feel of Club Penguin, but with Mature, Safe Chat, and Regular servers to cater to a generalized audience.

Some features we would like to include for Beta are:
Night/Evening Mode (In game room switcher)
Saved Outfits
Custom Items

This is a voluntary position, and is not paid

Please send me a friend request on discord if you are interested in following up, my tag is haru#0666

Thank you! -haru

Update: I have disabled my friend requests and DMs for privacy reasons, you may ping me in the Solero discord and I’d be happy to get in touch with you.