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  1. Hello!

  2. [BUG] Special Actions

    Clothes perform special action, but the penguin does not.
  3. [BUG] Special Actions

    Hello! I'm putting characters in my CPPS, but the special action of Brady and McKenzie are not working. How do I fix this?
  4. Hello!

    Hello, Solero. I am Guilherme, in portuguese, but I accept that they call me William (In English) or Guillermo (In Spanish). I'm from Brazil, I speak Portuguese, a little English and basic Spanish. I like CPPS and Club Penguin, plus I love a chicken strogonoff with rice and straw potato. I'm here to learn and (try) to teach. Waddle On!
  5. Stamps

    Hello, How to add custom stamps on my Kitsune CPPS?
  6. Working Music Jam 2016 [AS3]

    Thank you very much, but I still have some doubts. In what directory do I put the SWF "Perform", "Prompts", "Party", "Features", "Quest Interface", "Party Icon"? I'm very noob yet. Thank you! PS: Sorry for bad english